Health Services

Men’s Health

All too often men neglect their health until a serious problem arises. We offer screening for early diagnosis of heart disease, skin, bowel and prostate cancer.

We strongly encourage men to have a two yearly men’s health check (Well-Mens Check) from age 40 with one of our Wellington GPs.

Well-Mens Checks include:

  • weight and body-mass index
  • pulse and  blood pressure
  • skin examination for melanoma
  • heart check and cardiovascular risk assessment
  • testicular examination
  • prostate check
  • urine test for diabetes and kidney disease
  • ECG, eyesight test and audiology test where indicated
  • blood tests including a complete blood count, liver and kidney function tests, blood glucose, cholesterol, thyroid function and PSA (prostate specific antigen)

We also offer advice regarding:

  • depression and other mental health issues
  • alcohol use
  • smoking
  • sexual health issues

Vasectomy Clinic

Dr Shane Dunphy runs a Vasectomy Clinic at the Onslow Medical Centre every Friday afternoon. Click here for more information and to visit the Wellington Vascetomy Clinic website or call either  04 384 5275 or 0800 a ASNIP

To make an appointment phone us on 04 478 9999
Click here to enrol at Onslow Medical Centre