Repeat prescriptions

Some of you will have already seen our new electronic system “DrInfo Re-Script” for sending prescriptions to a pharmacy.  DrInfo Re-Script enables your GP to send your script electronically to a pharmacy of your choice. Please indicate which pharmacy you have chosen when ordering script.

You will receive a confirmation text for your script. This can be presented to your pharmacy when you collect your items.  Payment can be made to Onslow Pharmacy directly  at account:  06-0507-0843138-00

If you do not indicate your preferred pharmacy you will receive a text giving you a choice of any New Zealand pharmacy to select yourself. Follow the text link from .

Special controlled medicines are not be able to be sent via DrInfo  Re-Script and will continue to be processed the usual way.

Prescriptions are issued at the discretion of your doctor. You will be required to see your doctor for a review at least 12 monthly.

A prescription can be issued for a maximum of three months supply of medication and a prescription is only valid for three months from date of issue. For controlled drugs a prescription may only be issued for a maximum of one month’s supply.

Repeat prescriptions may be requested by phoning 04 478 9999 and going through to the script line during business hours. Please specify the names and dosages of your medications (as opposed to the colour and size of tablets) to minimise error. If you would like your prescription to be  dispensed by our own site pharmacy, Naheed and his team  please tell us know when requesting your prescription. In this instance you will not get a text.

Prescriptions will be ready for collection within 48 hours of ordering and cost $27.00. An urgent script request (same day) will be $30.00.

Due to MOH regulatory changes from the end of December 2020 we will no longer be faxing prescriptions to  pharmacies, therefore, you MUST tell us which pharmacy you wish your script to go to electronically through DrInfo Re-Script.

Please ensure that you make payment  Onslow Medical Centre  at account :  03-0584-0323670-00   please include your name or Chart No.

On-site pharmacy

An on-site pharmacy is an added bonus to our medical centre.

At Onslow Pharmacy, Naheed and his team  provide a professional service for you. The pharmacy is open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. The pharmacy is closed for lunch between 12.15pm and 1.15pm (approx)

Onslow Pharmacy
125 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville
Wellington 6037
Tel: + 64 4 478 6512
Fax: + 64 4 478 6513

Bank Account number for your payments to pharmacy: 06-0507-0843138-00

Prescription request form

To make an appointment phone us on 04 478 9999
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