Health Services

Family Health

Our medical centre offers a comprehensive range of family health services with a strong emphasis on preventative health care:

  • contraception/ family planning. Contraceptive advice is free to under 19s. Click here for free information from Family Planning.Dr Shane Dunphy runs a Vasectomy Clinic at Onslow Medical Centre every Friday afternoon, for more information please call reception on 04 384 5257 or call 0800 4 ASNIP or click here to visit the Wellington Vasectomy Clinic website
  • mole checks
  • minor surgery for removal of lumps  and  bumps
  • diabetes checks. Diabetics are entitled to a free annual check and 2 yearly retinal screening by approved optometrists
  • cardiovascular assessments
  • lung-function testing
  • audiology assessments (hearing tests)
  • Well-Mens checks (normally 2 yearly for those over 40 years)
  • Well-Womens checks (2 yearly for those over 40 years)
  • allergy testing and management.

Allergy Management

Dr Tim Jefferies has a particular interest in allergies. If you are enrolled with us at Onslow Medical Centre, then just make an appointment.

If you have been referred by another doctor then please make a 15 minute appointment. Particular allergy problems may include hayfever, asthma, eczema, food allergy, urticaria, anaphylaxis including insect venom allergy. We offer Skin Prick Testing, Immunotherapy, and desensitisation as well as practical advice.

Good information on allergy may be obtained through the Allergy New Zealand Website by clicking here.

To make an appointment phone us on 04 478 9999
Click here to enrol at Onslow Medical Centre