Patient enrolment

New patients welcome.
Under 13 years – no charge!

We are  located in our new medical centre located at 125 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville

What are the benefits of enrolling at Onslow Medical Centre?

You will pay lower fees for consultations if you enrol at our medical centre than if you are a casual patient.

People who develop long term relationships with their general practice teams generally enjoy better health care and have better health.

By having up to date information, we will be better able to focus on helping you stay in good health by coordinating health care services to you and your family.

Developing a long term relationship with your doctor and medical centre will enable active early health  intervention rather than risking long term complications

To enrol with us you can fill in the form and email it to reception@omc.co.nz  or contact us by phone on 04 478 9999.

For Ministry of Health information about enrolling with a Primary Health Organisation click here >

To make an appointment phone us on 04 478 9999
Click here to enrol at Onslow Medical Centre