Our Fees

Our Fees

Our fees have now been updated to allow for the Community Services Card and the Under 14 years!

Onslow Medical Centre are members of Tu Ora Compass Primary Health Care, a Primary Health Care Organisation involving most of the GPs in Wellington, Porirua and Kapiti Coast, which has a contract with the Capital Coast DHB to provide a range of primary health care services throughout the region.

We have a contract with Tu Ora Compass Primary Health Care to provide primary health care services for our enrolled population and receive part of our fees in the form of capitation payments for each enrolled patient.

To be eligible for the subsidised fees you must have completed and signed an enrolment form stating that you intend to use Onslow Medical Centre as your preferred provider. Once children reach age 16 they must sign their own enrolment form. Click here to download.

Casual patients are not enrolled with Tu Ora Compass Primary Health Care and pay the full nonsubsidised fee.

For more information on the funding of primary healthcare in New Zealand, please click here to visit the Ministry of Health Website.

Our medical centre fees listed are for a standard 15 minute appointment. An additional fee may be charged for complex or longer consultations. Telephone consultations are charged at the same rate as a regular consultation. If you have more than one problem and would like a longer appointment please let our receptionist know at the time of booking.

Payment must be made at the time of consultation.

Consultations remaining unpaid on the day of appointment will incur an $5.00 administration fee.


This is a medical programme that provides patients with up to 7 subsidised visits to your GP if you have 2 or more chronic medical problems, and are likely to need intensive management over the next 6-12 months. Visit the Ministry of Health website here for more details.

ACC consultations

If your visit is the result of an accident your doctor will lodge an ACC 45 form electronically at the time of your consultation.

You will be asked to sign a declaration regarding the mechanism of injury and giving consent for information about your injury to be divulged to ACC.
ACC pays a portion of the consultation fee meaning there is a part-charge or copayment to be paid.

Further information may be found on the ACC website here.

Enrolled Consultation incl. ACC – no CSC

Adult 65 years +$62.00
Adult over 25–64 years$66.00
Adult 18–24 years$58.00
Adult 14–17 years$51.00
Child 13 years and underno charge

Enrolled Consultation incl. ACC – with CSC

Adult over 25 years$19.50
Adult 18–24 years$19.50
Youth 14–17 years$13.00
Child 13 years and underno charge

Casual Patients

Overseas visitors – alll ages$130.00
Adult 18 years and over$125.00
Child 0 to 17 years$95.00
Adult 18 years and over with CSC
Child 14 to 17 years with CSC$95.00
Child 0 to 13 years with CSC$85.00

Other Fees

Nurse consultation$43.00
Prescriptions under 14 yearsNo charge
Prescriptions with CSC$18.00
Urgent same day prescriptions$38.00
Blood Pressure Series (15 mins)$43.00
Minor surgery (plus materials as required)from $270.00 – depending on difficuty+ materials
Maritime medical$245.00 + additional Nurse charges
ECG, lung function test or hearing test$76.00 each
Smear test – (with nurse)$45.00
Maternity (first 12 weeks)No charge
Email Consultations (depending on complexity)from $15.00
Referral letters (depending on complexity)from $45.00
Telephone Consultations with the Doctor are charged at the regular consultation rate
To make an appointment phone us on 04 478 9999
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