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NZTA Heavy Duty Medical Certificates DL9

We are happy to complete the standard medical assessment which is required by NZTA every time you apply for, or renew, a heavy driver licence.

  • A Class 2, 3, 4 or 5 driver licence is required to drive heavy motor vehicles.
  • You must have the right class of driver licence for the type and weight of vehicle you want to drive.
  • Some specialised vehicles require the driver to also hold an appropriate endorsement, Factsheet 11, Driver licence classes  explains the vehicle types and weights covered by each class and endorsement. Factsheets are available on our website and from driver licensing agents.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Your current Drivers Licence

Proof that your eyesight meets the required standard
To do this you can:

  • present a certificate issued by a New Zealand-registered optometrist (this certificate must not be more than 60 days old)
  • present a satisfactory medical certificate issued by a New Zealand-registered medical practitioner (this certificate must not be more than 60 days old and must specifically cover eyesight)
  • pass an eyesight screening check. (Note: the agents’ eyesight screening machines eliminate the need for many drivers to be tested by an optometrist or medical practitioner. However, if you don’t pass the screening check, then you must provide one of the certificates listed before your new licence can be issued. Some drivers choose to supply a certificate instead of taking a screening check. If you have vision in only one eye, you must present an eye certificate from a doctor or optometrist.)

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