Privacy Statement

Health Information Privacy Statement

I understand the following:

1. This practice works with Tū Ora Compass Health PHO, a not for profit organisation that supports the delivery of health care services across the Wellington, Porirua, Wairarapa and Kāpiti areas.

2. The information I provide when I enrol at this practice is shared with Tū Ora and the Ministry of Health to establish my eligibility for subsidised health care. When relevant to my subsidy eligibility, information may also be shared with other government agencies such as Immigration NZ and Ministry of Social Development.

3. My health information such as diagnoses, test results, prescribed medications, immunisations, investigations such as breast screening, and other clinical and administrative data may be shared with Tū Ora to enable them to:
• Provide feedback to GPs, nurses and others in my practice
• Plan, deliver, fund, monitor, and improve health services
• Contact me in relation to services I have used,or may wish to use.

4. My health information may be shared with other health professionals who are involved in my care. It may also be shared with health agencies involved with publicly funded programmes, including Breast Screening, Bowel Screening, Immunisation and Diabetes.

5. An electronic “Shared Care Record” allows authorised health care providers, such as afterhours GPs and hospital clinicians’, access to a summary of my health information, including laboratory test results, medical conditions, allergies, and prescribed medications. I can choose to opt out, but that will mean clinicians involved in my care will not have access to important health information.

6. If I am under 18, or have a High User Health Card, or Community Services Card, and I visit a GP who is not my regular doctor, this practice will be informed of the date of that visit. The name of the practice I visited and the reason for the visit will not be disclosed unless I give my consent.

7. When this practice is audited, I may be contacted by the auditor to check that I have received services. If the audit involves viewing my health information, only an appropriately qualified health care practitioner will view my health records.

8. If approved by an Ethics Committee, health information that does not identify me may be used for health research.

9. I have the right to access my health information held by this practice and Tū Ora. I have a right to ask for it to be corrected if I think it’s wrong.

10. My health information will only be held by Tū Ora as long as necessary for it to perform its necessary functions.

11. I understand that individuals and organisations that may have access to my health information are subject to the Health Information Privacy Code, and are required to keep my information secure.

Office of the Privacy Commissioner | Health Information Privacy Code 2020
For more information on health information collected by Tū Ora see:

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