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Employment, company and workplace medicals

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We have been undertaking employment-related and company workplace medicals for many years.
Pre-employment medicals are often an important part of the recruitment process.

We carry out these and other company employment and workplace related assessments, depending on your needs as well as those of your employer or potential employer.

We do understand that healthy and fit employees are critical for their, as well as an organisation’s or company’s, performance and productivity and that staff  illness is a risk which can be managed.  An employment (or company)medical can help organisations manage their health risks and assist employees with rehabilitation.

Exactly what is done as part of the pre-employment medical depends on the job and the company:

  • medical history
  • height, weight and blood sugar
  • vision, hearing and lung function testing
  • cardiovascular assessment
  • musculoskeletal assessment – (where necessary we can provide input through our local physiotherapist)
  • urinalysis (dipstick)
  • urine drug screening (either onsite or ESR – as required)
  • Where necessary we can liase with our local Physiotherapist when a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment is required.

For pre-employment medicals, a questionnaire will generally need to be completed,  This could cover health,  work history and general lifestyle information and would be  followed by a medical examination. The examination is likely to include a check of eyesight, hearing, blood pressure, heart and various other functions.

Employment, workplace or company medicals cover similar areas –  a comprehensive medical examination and history, physical and nutritional treatment plans where appropriate, lab work and diagnostic testing and follow up where necessary.

When you make your appointment for a pre-employment, workplace or company medical, we inform you of the tests and other requirements that will need to be undertaken.

We are focused and committed to delivering high standards and a quality service and take absolute care in dealing with people’s concerns and finding appropriate solutions.

We work to complete the medical examinations and reports required by your employer in a timely manner.

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